Interior Design by Johanna Katharina Albert

Great attention to detail

myhomestyle assists clients designing the interiors of apartments and houses. If required, project management services from the initial concept and detailed design to the selection of furniture and structural planning can be provided as well.

„Home is a safe haven, the perfect place to unwind and let your hair down.“

Where projects run smoothly

myhomestyle is the co-ordinating hub for the entire interior project and ensures that the project runs smoothly and is delivered in an efficient and timely manner.

„I believe that interior design should focus on two aspects: on space and on function. The later being defined by the people living in that respective space.“

Within budgetary parameters

myhomestyle works within budgetary parameters and guarantees a well balanced price-performance relationship when sourcing materials, furnishings and accessories or when recruiting professionals and craftspeople.

„A home is our greatest asset when it comes to happiness and well-being.“

Skillful mix

myhomestyle gives great attention to detail and relies on a skillful mix of affordable essentials and unique design objects.

„The art in interior design is to find a solution that contributes to everyones happiness by giving room to their activities and by meeting all needs.“

Feeling for trends

Johanna Katharina Albert stays current on the latest international design trends and has a keen eye for aspiring designers of furnishings and accessories. Over the years she has built a strong network of designers, manufacturers and craftspeople.

„Home is an expression of the lifestyle of those living in it, of their personalities, preferences and values.“

Passion and signature style

myhomestyle is a one-stop shop for clients who demand customized interior designs and who need help selecting a unique style, planning furnishings or co-ordinating craftspeople like carpenters, painters, wallpaper installers or plumbers.

“Stylish and creative interior design doesn’t have to be expensive. And a high investment in interior design does not guarantee tasteful solutions.”

Individual choices

myhomestyle is reponsive to personal visions and ideas and assists clients in their choice of furniture, materials, color schemes and fabrics – from floor coverings to wall design through to fitments and home textiles as well as decorative elements and accessories.

“Most of the time, I build the interior design of a living room around a color or a sofa. So one thing comes to the other.”

Mood and authenticity

myhomestyle captures the atmosphere and the lifestyle of its clients to develop authentic concepts. myhomestyle reflects Johanna Katharina Albert’s passion and signature style and has become a competent partner in creating elegant and sophisticated interiors.